Web Video- 3 Reasons Why You Should Care

1) It’s Changing The Way We Communicate. All around the world people are waking up and realising the power of communicating through video, individually, for their company or to aid a particular political, religious or social cause.

We are excited to be around at this huge time of change in the way that we interact with each other. The traditional sources of newspapers, TV and other print media, although still having a big influence on society, are increasingly having to compete with a vast number of other information streams from around the world.

By 2013 Cisco estimate that web video will make up 90% of all internet IP traffic, a staggering statistic and one, if anywhere near accurate, holds an exciting prospect for all internet users.

2) Increasing Expectation. There is an increasing expectation on individuals and businesses to make their content more interactive, entertaining and interesting. The days of having a website with just plain text with contact details simply isn’t going to cut it. The higher the quality of the content people are engaging with on other websites, the greater the expectation of quality interactive content on your website. Simples.

3) Huge Opportunity. With several billion web pages being created everyday the challenge for all of us is that the patience level of your potential audience has gone down while the hunger in people to connect with more meaningful content on the internet has risen. This can be both a problem and an opportunity for those willing to both invest in creative high quality web video that has the potential to immediately connect with your audience. It is also important to realise that the power of having a quality web video is increased many times by an effective marketing strategy.

Ben, 4/10/2010