UK-based development charity Build Africa were after a promotional video that communicated it's work in a "succinct, positive and persuasive way", told it's story and drove "income by nurturing existing relationships whilst reaching out to new potential donors.'


We came up with an upbeat, emotionally engaging video that communicated the heart of Build Africa by using children as narrators to tell it's story. It conveyed the key elements of learning and earning that take place to empower local communities. Two versions of the video were produced- a 3 minute general overview and a 4 minute piece aimed specifically at corporate donors.


- Current return on investment from the video is tracking at 500%

- The videos have been used at presentations to target a number of different potential and existing donor groups and is being used on the Build Africa website and Youtube channel.



"We LOVE it and are really pleased... we think it’s brilliant and I’m so pleased that you guys were able to work on it."

Sam Harris, Director of Communications and Marketing, Build Africa