Greenpeace wanted a series of films that investigated the effects of pesticides in the bodies of 2 families that switched their diet from conventional to 100% organic food for 10 days. The videos needed to emotionally connect with health conscious families, and in particular mothers with purchasing power, and tap into their psychological motivations for switching to organic food. Initially an international project spanning European and Asian offices, the project narrowed to focussing just on Japan but also needed to appeal to an international audience through Greenpeace's International social media pages.

Filming in Tokyo and Ibaraki, Japan, we recorded interviews, documentary footage as well as cinematic lifestyle shots which were then edited to produce a range of edits. A longer mini documentary (2m 44secs) was created which showcased both families as well as a shorter 1 min version especially for Facebook. The later adopted a more objective Facebook news style of video aimed at getting a greater reach, views and shares.




To date the videos have generated...

5.4 million+ reach

4.7 million+ views

53,000+ shares

27,500+ likes

English full 2 min 44 secs version


Japanese full 2 min 44 secs version


Greenpeace Italy's short version