The Foreign & Commonwealth Office needed a series of videos to form the centre of a new ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign aimed at helping British travellers recognise and avoid potential threats from thieves. The videos needed to be both entertaining and informative.


With a fast turn around needed we jumped on a quick flight to Barcelona and shot 4 different hustle scenarios with stealth crime expert James Freedman. Given the subject matter, in post-production we went for an Ocean’s 11 meets The Real Hustle meets The Italian Job feel and score.


The FCO teamed up with Consolidated PR to ensure broad exposure both on and offline. Online, the videos quickly became the FCO Travel Advice’s most viewed and shared content clocking up over 69,000 views and 970 shares and gaining features in the Evening Standard, Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Record as well as a host of other travel sites. Offline the piece was also featured on ITV’s morning show Daybreak.