Nanny Turned Street Spy

Nanny turned street spy Vivian Maier who took over 150,000 images of daily life in Chicago is definitely this month’s inspiration for me. A new film about the street photographer makes it’s UK release on Tuesday and is reminiscent of The Imposter and Searching for Sugarman as it charts this marginal, obscure and altogether fascinating real life tale.

What I find most inspiring about Vivian Maier is not her hawk’s eye for detail and outstanding composition (some of her images could be torn straight of a Vogue magazine or Fellini film) but also her private dedication to the craft of bearing witness. Like most great work these gems didn’t come out of occupational necessity but out of personal passion, perhaps obsession. Sometimes I lack the courage to believe in those personal projects but this gives me a mahoosive kick up the butt to get out of the office and get going. Inspiring stuff.

Images courtesy of the Maloof Collection-

Andrew, 23/07/2014