The Internet in 2015

What will the internet look like in 2015? What is the next big thing? Will Facebook and Twitter still be around in 10 years time? Well, whilst the fast-changing future of the web can be difficult to pin down at the best of times, a recent Cisco report gives us some pretty good ideas. Amidst other massive change areas Cisco forecasts continued explosive growth for video on the web. Here are three statistics that blew me away:

1. 1 million minutes of video per second will cross the internet by 2015

2. The gigabyte equivalent of all movies ever made will cross global IP networks every 5 minutes in 2015

3. 90% of global consumer traffic will be made up of some form of video by 2015

Suffice to say video is here to stay as an integral part of our web experience for many years to come! For other fascinating trends and insights head over to Cisco’s extended report here

Andrew, 21/07/2011