Greenpeace India wanted a hard-hitting film for their 'Toxicity' campaign against air pollution in Delhi. Wanting to both raise awareness that current levels of air pollution in Delhi were alarmingly high whilst affirming their position as an Indian charity ran for Indians, by Indians, the piece needed to also be seen as pro-Indian.


Coming up with the film's central concept of 'what takes your breath away?' and filming for 10 days in Delhi we created a film that both affirmed the life and energy of Delhi whilst highlighting air pollution as an alarmingly serious public health risk.



In just 2 weeks the film became one of Greenpeace India's most watched Youtube videos, clocking up thousands of views and became a key part of it's 'Toxicity' social media campaign. As a result of the campaign and resulting political pressure Delhi's Health Minister committed to taking action to clean up Delhi's air pollution.